The Crossed out
Wheelie Bin symbol

wheelie bin symbolElectrical and Electronic Equipment that was made after June 2006 should display this symbol on the packaging or product.

Battery recycling

wheelie bin symbolThis recycling symbol is very similar to the one above, but does not have a bar at the bottom of crossed out wheelie bin. This symbol will be used to support the Battery Directive which is due to become part of UK law in 2008.

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PowaRider and the Environment

What is Climate Change?
The Green House Effect:

The Green House Effect IS a natural process, whereby greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide trap the radiation from the sun, causing the earth to warm. Without the Green House effect, the Earth would not be warm enough to live on.

The Enhanced Green House Effect:
This is what causes Global Warming. More green house gases are released from cars and industry than ever. This means that there are more green house gases in the atmosphere to trap the suns radiation, causing the accelerated warming of the planet.

Climate change is happening now!

It is our responsibility to curb the effects of Global Warming by reducing our carbon emissions. Despite reports to the contrary, motor vehicles DO have a major impact – around a quarter of all CO2 put into the atmosphere in the UK comes from road transport with over half of this from personal car travel – one of the major causes of local air pollution.

At PowaRider we truly believe that we can all gain from the environmental benefits made possible by greater use of zero emissions transport.

You can also make a difference by recycling the waste packaging that protects your new electric vehicle and eventually recycling the depleted battery, many thousands of pollution free miles later...

To ensure our products reach you in perfect condition they are securely packaged using recyclable material. Larger products will arrive in a double skinned protective carton. Please don’t dispose of any packaging until you are fully satisfied with the contents and then please recycle as much of it as possible.

Virtually all of our waste packaging can be recycled. Cardboard boxes are easy to squash flat and recycle. Many local authorities provide kerbside collection schemes for cardboard and waste packaging. Alternatively you can use your local recycling points. Visit to find out where your nearest recycling centre is and for other tips on recycling and what to do with waste packaging.


Disposal of electrical waste products

The United Kingdom is under an obligation to minimise the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in domestic waste and encourage recycling, recovery and environmentally sound disposal. PowaRider is committed to promoting the reuse, recycling and recovery of WEEE by supporting appropriate compliance schemes.

Look out for products and product packaging marked with either of the crossed out wheelie bin symbols on the left, these indicate that the product must not be disposed of in domestic waste but must be either recycled through an approved WEEE take back scheme or repaired and reused. For details of your local facilities, please contact your local authority or visit

Other useful websites

To find our more about Climate Change and its effects, why not visit the following websites:
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